In Australia, medical cannabis is classified as an unregistered medicine and can only be made available via a doctor on prescription from a pharmacy after approval from the TGA via the Special Access Scheme (SAS).

Information on medicinal cannabis, including uses and side effects, is available here or at the TGA



To be eligible for medical cannabis in Australia, you must have a condition for which there is some evidence that medical cannabis helps. The decision to try medical cannabis must be made together with your GP or Specialist.  Your GP or Specialist will determine the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

Once a doctor determines if medicinal cannabis is suitable for your treatment, you will need to receive relevant State and TGA approvals to access the treatment.

Please note: MedReleaf Clinics are required to abide by the strict Guidelines of the TGA as listed here.

Any registered Doctor can prescribe this new medicine, including your own doctor. To determine if medicinal cannabis may be appropriate for you, please visit your GP or Specialist or make an appointment at our MedReleaf Clinic.

Our MedReleaf Doctors will be able to advise you if your condition and past medical history make you eligible for an application to the TGA.

To make a Face to Face or Telehealth appointment appointment, please ask your doctor to email your Referral and/or Patient Health Summary to:

or you can book from the link below or call our clinic directly on  07 3491 9820.


Our Pharmacies also have TGA-approved herb vaporiser devices available.

Boosting immunisation rates

As the community’s most accessible and frequently used health care providers, pharmacists have a unique opportunity to boost immunisation rates.
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