The National Diabetes Services Scheme is a Federal Government initiative, administered by Diabetes Australia. The service is free to people with diabetes, and it enables them to receive subsidised products and be provided with expert information on their chronic condition.

Having access to reliable and easy-to-access information means people with diabetes should be better able to make informed choices about how to live well and manage their condition.

To take advantage of the service, people with diabetes need to register.  Registration is open for any Australians who have been diagnosed with diabetes and who hold a valid Medicare card.

Once registered, people with diabetes may have access to products at subsidised prices and to some free-of-charge services. These include:

  • Blood glucose testing strips.
  • Insulin syringes and pen-needles.
  • Insulin pump consumables (IPC).
  • Urine testing strips and tablets.

There is no cure for diabetes, so learning to self-manage the condition is a key factor in maintaining quality of life and improvements in health. The NDSS’s aim is to enable people with diabetes to better understand and manage their conditions. This self-management is supported and enabled through information, education and reliable access to essential products, supplies and services.

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