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Insulin Pen

How to Use an Insulin Pen…

Asthma Nebuliser

How to Use a Nebulizer…

Asthma Autohaler

Asthma Puffer

Asthma Puffer with Spacer

Asthma Preventer with Spacer

Asthma Accuhaler

Asthma Turbuhaler

Devices – Turbuhaler

Spiriva Handihaler

How to use a HandiHaler

Blood Pressure Monitor

How to measure blood pressure using an automatic monitor

Blood Glucose monitor – True Result

 True Result Blood Glucose Meter Demonstration.

Blood Glucose Monitor – Optium Exceed

Abbott’s Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Meter Review

Underarm Crutches

How To Use Crutches Properly.

Forearm Crutches

How to use crutches… properly.

Circulation Booster

Circulation Booster Instructions & Information Video

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