We will pack & deliver your medications

Do you ever forget to take your medication? Or find it hard to remember what time of day it should be taken.

MPS Packettes are small plastic packets which contain the appropriate medicines for a particular date and dose time. They are all labelled with a unique identifier for quality assurance. Information relating to your name and the drugs and dosage contained inside is printed on the packette itself.

This helps ensure all medicines are taken correctly, and reduces confusion as to what to take and when.

Benefits of MPS Packettes

  • Improved medication compliance resulting in smart, healthy living
  • MPS Packettes make taking multiple medicines a simple task
  • Your medicines are securely packed to the highest quality standards
  • The freedom to safely bring your MPS Packettes anywhere

If you are interested in finding out more about our Medicine Packing Service & delivery, contact our friendly staff.


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