Hardings Diabetes Clinic

Hardings Diabetes Clinic allows for personalised consultations with our Credentialed Diabetes Educator and is having great results with our customers, so much so that many local GPs and some specialists are referring their patients to us for the ongoing management of their condition.

This personalised, one on one service, with our Credentialed Diabetes Educator Chetna Patel, will cover the key components of self-diabetes management and includes:

  • The use of blood glucose monitors and lancet devices
  • Monitoring the timing and frequency of blood glucose testing
  • Printing of blood glucose results from glucometers
  • Aiding in comprehensive three days blood glucose testing to aid your GP in medication dosingAdvice on the use of insulin and pen devices
  • Checking treatment plans for hypos
  • Monitoring diabetes medications, doses and potential issues
  • Monitoring other medications and vitamins
  • Re-inforcing dietary and lifestyle advice
  • Advice for travelling with diabetes

Meet our Credentialled Diabetes Educator – Chetna Patel

Chetna is a qualified Credentialed Diabetes Educator. She provides a comprehensive diabetes education and medication review and support service, designed to empower you to take control and make informed choices about your health. Consultations are available on a Bulk Bill service with EPC referral, DVA referrals and private consultations. 

Clinic Hours

Wednesday   9am to 2:30pm

Friday             9am to 2:30pm

Consultation Fees

FREE with ECP referral from your GP 

$15 for concessional patients

$25 for general patients 

Call us today on:
07 3892 1494

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